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Cold Water Extraction

When your home is underwater call San Dimas Water Damage Immediately

Whenever we are called to perform an emergency restoration job, the first step in the process is removing all standing water, and all hidden moisture pockets. This first phase is crucial for all further action we take. If water is left unnoticed under furniture or in hidden places, it can benefice for bacteria and mold to grow and create a serious health hazard. Failure to extract all water means that no restoration process will last, and that at a certain moment in time new damages will occur.

The experience and technologies used by the technicians attending your issue are defining for the quality of the job. This is why we strongly advise you do not deal with the water extraction on your own. If you think that your domestic vacuum cleaner will be enough to remove all the standing water, think again. You will ruin it and even worse, you expose yourself to the dangers of an electrical shock. In addition, you will loose precious time which could save your home from permanent damage.

By calling us, you make sure that proper equipment is used in dealing with your emergency. Moreover, we perfected a very non-intrusive extraction technology called” in-place” that allows us to remove water from both the pad and the carpet at the same time. Thus, we don’t have to move stuff around and create even a bigger mess or affect other areas too.

We start every cold water extraction job by detecting all areas touched by water. With our special infra-red camera we are able to identify even those hidden areas that are hard to spot. For the standing water, we mount the submersible and gas-powered pumps and then to finish the job we use several tools for maximum precision:

• Light wand water extraction tool for the carpets
• Drag wand mid-way water extraction tool
• Water claws for carpet and pads
• Ridable water extraction tools

We do not consider a cold water extraction job complete until we make a final inspection, and find all areas water-free and ready to be dried. The time needed to complete the entire process depends on how soon you call us once you have spotted the water damage. If we act fast enough, water doesn’t get the chance to spread and infiltrate this making our job much easier. When secondary damages occur, we may need several specialists to step in and help complete the task.

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