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When you run your own business, you invest a lot in growing it and making things happen. This is why it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed when a flood strikes and ruins all your work. Instead of watching helpless how water tears your assets and covers your commercial location, pick up the phone and call a team of experts to put things back on track.

Experienced. Trusted. Reliable

With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, San Dimas Water Damage is your best option in such an unfortunate situation. All our certified technicians are fast and reliable and will put all their efforts into developing a complete and custom restoration plan for your property. While you focus on keeping things running smooth for your clients, let us help you by doing our job perfectly.

No matter if you are a retail owner, an apartment complex manager, run a small business or administrate a governmental building, we have techniques and solutions for serving you as fast as possible in the most efficient manner. Being a business that serves other businesses, we understand how important it is to manage carefully your expenses. We will assist in filling in a detailed report needed to obtain the maximum insurance coverage from your insurance company. And working with ALL insurance companies will make things easier for sure!

We assess the total damages, write a detailed report, continue removing all standing water while preparing your commercial property for drying and sanitization procedures.

4 Key Factors of Drying Procedures:
1. Evaporation: Once all standing water is gone, we start changing the left one into vapors by accelerating the evaporation process with our state-of-the-art air-moving equipment.

2. Dehumidification: But if we stopped there, we would do nothing but additional harm and give opportunities for secondary damage to occur and even health hazards. This is why once moisture has gotten into the air, we rem remove it completely through dehumidification.

3. Temperature control: Certain process, like evaporation and dehumidification, can be controlled and accelerated by controlling the temperature of an area. In addition, a safe drying means taking all caution measure to prevent bacteria growth. And because temperature is related to the development of microorganisms, it should be carefully monitored.

4. Monitoring: All the structures and materials involved in the restoration process need to be closely monitored according to the variable parameters of temperature, humidity, moisture content, etc.

Because we want to treat our customers the same way we would like other businesses to treat us, we promise to reach your site in no more than 30 minutes from your call at 909-575-1438 and work fast and efficient to restore your business location back to its ideal working conditions!

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