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Fire Sprinkler Damage

Don’t let fire sprinkler damage destroy your home!

Fire disasters leave behind a lot of mess and damaged items. But have you ever found yourself in a mess due to a fire sprinkler that burst without there being an actual fire? It’s even worse! The damage they can cause to an apartment or office is serious and unpredictable.

Overheating, mechanical damage, corrosion, manufacturing or installations defects are only some of the factors that can cause a fire sprinkler’s accidentally discharge. As surprisingly as this might happen, be prepared to act upon it. Calling an expert to handle the problem is probably the best thing you can do.

San Dimas Water Damage is only one phone call and 30 minutes away! All our certified technicians are ready to provide emergency clean-up and fast drying procedures to restore your property back to normal as soon as possible. Just give us a call the instant you detect the disaster.

Even if at first sight it might seem like a light disaster, water can cause more serious harm than fire. Spreading rapidly to other nearby locations, like the neighbor downstairs or the offices from another floor, water destroys furniture, documents, walls, ceilings and any other items. This is why we highlight the importance of taking action fast. Therefore, we are on duty 24/7, day and night, ready to step in and clean all this mess while trying to save as many things as possible from the flood.

If water gets to stay long enough on your property, it can generate mold formation and cause serious illnesses to those using the area. This is just another reason why you should waste no more time and give us a call right now: 909-575-1438!

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