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Do not waste any time when dealing with water damage. It can seriously put a damper on your living or office space and your bank account. Calling the professionals at San Dimas Water Damage will save you time and money when we arrive on site within 30 minutes of your call.

Even if you are dealing with sewage overflow, water abatement, a refrigerator or a washer leaking, we have several defined steps we will follow to deal with your water disaster:

1. Water Extraction: Our industrial vacuums, pumps and extraction tools allow us to remove all bulk water from your house fast and efficient before it infiltrates deeply into the structure materials.

2. Fast drying: Using detection equipment we search for hidden water. Once it is located we proceed to the drying phase which can take up to several days depending on the surfaces and structures that require drying. Depending on the volume of water removed will dictate how long the drying procedure will take. We use dehumidifiers, air movers, fans, blowers and air scrubbers to accomplish this task.

3. Repair and restoration: When we reach this stage, we focus mainly on doing restoration activities that will regain the initial pre-damage conditions of your home. These might include cleaning, repair, disinfecting of all areas affected by water and many more. We can also apply carpet treatments, replace your drywall and reconstruct certain parts of your home.

When water strikes there is absolutely no time to waste! As time passes, the damage can spread and even become permanently. Instead of trying to handle the problem all by yourself and thus creating even more harm, remember to call San Dimas Water Damage – your most reliable partner for complete restoration services.

Our team of skilled professionals comes with state-of-the-art gear and is ready to remove all water from your location, dry it and repair everything until the initial conditions are regained. Call us now! (909) 575-1438

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