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Protect Your Family & Save Your Beautiful San Dimas Residence

If you are having a refrigerator leaking, a flooded basement, a leaking toilet or a serious flood, you need to act fast before water infiltrates into surfaces and causes permanent damages in your home. San Dimas Water Damage provides a wide range of residential water damage services such as:

• Cold Water Extraction
• Fast-Drying
• Cleanup & Disinfection
• Sewage Removal
• Temporary Off-Site Storage
• Waste Disposal
• Insurance Claim Processing

It will take us only 30 minutes to reach your door once you call us. Meanwhile, here are some tips on what you can do to help:

• If any of your electrical devices or appliances is in contact with water, turn off the power and leave the area immediately!
• Try to shut down the main source of water.
• Do not touch or use any devices that have been under water.
• Call your insurance company.

Because we want to help you in such difficult situations, we will offer you an initial free consultation for assessing your total damage and give you a budget and time estimate. Then, we can step in and isolate the damaged perimeter in order to prevent secondary harm from happening.

Don’t let your home and all your life-time possessions be permanently destroyed by water! Give us a call at 909-575-1438 and let us save them!

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