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When facing floods and other similar damages, removing all water doesn’t mean that the problem is solved. Actually, this is just one intermediary step in the process. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, count on San Dimas Water Damage for a quick and complete restoration that will erase all tracks of the disaster that affected you.

Dealing with so many water problems, we have perfected a checklist that allows us to do all things by the book and miss no step in the process:



We can’t start doing our job unless we know exactly what we have to do. This is why we begin by totally assessing the damages and the tear produced by water to your location. We even consider detecting hidden water with our hygrometers and infra-red cameras. After we have marked all the affected areas, we isolate them and take caution measures to stop the damage from spreading to other nearby perimeters.

Loss Management

After completing the first step, we have a clearer image of your affected possessions, including carpets, rugs, furniture and personal objects. We will sort them into completely ruined, reversible damaged and not affected. Because our aim is to save as many things as possible, we will offer you our off-site storage service for those items that were not touched by water yet.

Water Extraction

At this step, we extract all standing water and place it into our portable water tanks. Special measures are needed if the water is grey or black, coming from an infested source. Before getting to the next step, we complete a sewage clean-up and remove all residues.


After analyzing the materials compounding your structures, we conceive the best drying plan according to your needs. Our in-place driers are very friendly and non-intrusive with your property but do an extraordinary job! For draining all moisture out of flooring, furniture and other porous surfaces we use dehumidifiers that will dry out the place really fast.

Cleaning and Sanitization

If we just eliminate water but fail to kill the germs and bacteria it leaves behind, our restoration will never be complete. Thus, using only eco-friendly and IICRC approved solutions, we sterilize the entire area and prevent mold from getting formed.

Odor Removal

When your location is in contact with water for several hours, unpleasant odors arise that affect the air quality. We consider our restoration complete only when we have removed these unwanted smells, too. Our earth-friendly sprays will increase the level of freshness and make you forget that you have recently faced a water disaster.

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